People talk with the God

By Melissa Tsang

Hong Kong-As I near the door of activity room located on the 8 floor of an old residential building on Jordan Road, I hear melodious singing. With stepping in, a group of youngsters dressed in white shirts came into sight.

A brown piano lying in the corner of the room, a woman wearing dark frames is playing it. From my scope, I can only see her clever eyes darting from notes and keyboard. Moving the sight to the right, 7 people are singing with slow and even movement of their chests. Without exception, the flutter of their eyelids, slightly raise looking beyond, as if staring at a certain enigmatic figure.

There are about 20 some people sitting there to listen and pray, each of them holding a thick book “Hymns of Life.” After the singing, a middle-aged man moves to the podium, leading people read the apostles, piety and quiet. The majority of the readers low their heads, clasp hands with eyes closed, chanting something.


About Melissa Tsang

It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.
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